David Shalka

As the founder of Avalon Entertainment, I can honestly say this is a labor of love. My greatest joy in all of this comes at the end of a successful event. When the music stops and a couple gives you a sincere thank you and you know you were an important part of a day they will remember forever. When it all goes smoothly it doesn’t even feel like work. I have done countless events and weddings over the years, but my specialty is getting the dance floor packed and keeping it that way. I like to mix it up and get everyone dancing so I play a variety of music so everyone will hear something they enjoy.


I started playing music for people when I was in high school. What blew me away is the thing that still amazes me today…it’s  the power music has to move and inspire people. Music can lift us up and it has the ability to bring us together. This is what we bring to every event that we are a part of.

Alec Anton

Hello! I’m Alec Anton, a marketing student with a minor in music at Utah Valley University, graduating in spring 2024. Originally a music major, I switched paths to explore marketing and then discovered my passion for lighting.


In 2020, I took on a personal project to enhance my family’s haunted house, turning it into a thriving side hustle. Working at a college bar in a vibrant town, I revamped the dance floor, adding an extra layer of entertainment.

Now, I’m excited to blend my two passions—lighting and music—to bring a fresh perspective to entertainment experiences.

Don Tran

Hi! I’m Don Tran, I’ve attended junior colleges in the OC area after receiving my Associates Degree in Graphic Design from Saddle Back College. Since then assisted in branding startup companies and lead marketing teams in the Action Sports, Healthcare, Biotech Industry.


I’ve always had a passion for music/playing as a rhythm guitarist in local cover bands.

Now, involving more music into my lifestyle and DJ entertaining is only part of the dream.

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